Top Home Automation Products You Should Know About

Home automation as the name suggests is an efficient system of controlling your home through an automatic equipment. The ease, comfort and convenience attached with the usage of home auto-mation products bring them highly in demand. Some of these products are given below:

1.Smart Plugs

The smart plugs come in the range of 6 AMP Smart Plug, 16 AMP Smart Plug and 25 AMP Smart Box from Oakter. These plugs are efficient in automating low-power and high-power appliances at home. You can select them according to the choice of appliances you would like to automate, as every appliance requires different power levels for their working. For instance, the 6 AMP Smart Plug can support television, coffee machine, washing machine, music system, etc., while the 16 AMP Smart Plug supports high-power appliances such as geyser, air-conditioners and motor. The 25 AMP Smart Box supports up to 5KW at 230V and can be placed parallel to the switch of high-power appliance for smooth operation.

2. Quadra Smart Box

This is a switchboard with four switches that can be used to automate low-power appliances like fans and lights in a room. Hence, switch on/off and schedule lights for a warm welcome back home!

3. Smart Thermostat

The 25 AMP smart thermostat is used as a temperature and humidity sensor that can control heat-ing and cooling system according to your set specifications.

4. Wi-Fi Hub

The Wi-Fi hub can accommodate up to 50 working devices at your home and office. Just one Hub is suitable for one 3BHK or duplex home. Also, it has a range of 100ft covering the home automa-tion products at home. Multiple hubs can be connected using Oakter app on your smartphone. As pointed out already, the Hub can manage multiple mobile locations at the same time. So wherever you go, you stay connected to your home applianced using the Oakter mobile app.

5. Touch Leaf

It is a remote that can control three devices automated with Oakter in your home. You can select which devices to select from the Oakter app. It has a range of 100Ft and works actively through the walls as well.

6. Smart Lock

As the name suggests, the smart lock makes it convenient for you to not carry home keys at all times. Just tap on your mobile app to open the gates! Also, a wired push button is put in place for indoor usage. It works well on multiple devices!

If you’re looking for complete home automation in Delhi, then these products shall fulfil your re-quirements. These products can be controlled from multiple smartphones through the Oakter app. For further details or to buy home automation products in Delhi contact 09899551239. Get a free demo of our exclusive range of products at our experience centre.