Benefits of Installing Home Automation Products in Your Home & Office?

As the concept of home automation is new, people aren’t clear by what home automation actually means. In simple terms, this is a mechanism through which you can control the electrical appliances in your residential and commercial spaces through a smartphone app.

Smart home automation is possible through voice commands and touch on your smartphone at anytime. The users can also know the status of the electrical appliances, which can further save one’s electricity costs as well.

There are some home automation products about which you should know. These include smart plugs of different powers that can connect to the given electrical appliances in your establishments. These plugs connect to the smartphone through Wi-Fi. You can find the complete range of home automation products from Oakter, here.

Why Buy Home Automation Products in Delhi & How These Make Your Life Easier?

  • Switch on/off Electrical Appliances: Using the Oakter app you can switch on/off appliances. Voice commands through Google Voice Assistant & Amazon Alexa are also compatible.
  • Schedule & Pre-Schedule: This feature lets you set timing of switching on & off of the appliances. For example, you can set the time to switch on the water motor and geyser in your home daily.
  • Instant Status Check: Automate multiple appliances & check the instant status of the appliances on the Oakter App
  • Smart Locks for Smart Homes: No more hassles of carrying home-keys everywhere as you can open the main door using the Oakter app.
  • Save on Electrical Bills: You can anytime switch off the appliances not in use through your smartphone. This helps you save money!
  • Safe Homes: If you leave home and realise that you haven’t switched off a given electrical ap-pliance, in this case you need not go all the way back to switch off, rather a tap on your smartphone does the job for you.


The benefits of automating your home with Oakter smart products are enormous. These are cost-effective and high-performing products, all set to turn your home into a smart home. To buy home automation products in Delhi or for product demo call us: 09899551239

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