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Have a small space? Worried about how to make your small room functional and Clutter Free? We can maximize your small spaces and make them stylish and beautiful as well.

LCOVE is a ‘Smart Home’ Interiors Solutions Company that specializes in Space Enhancing Furniture and smart living solutions.

Multifunctional transforming furniture is an intelligent approach to live more easily. LCOVE’s product range includes transforming beds, tables, sofas and a range of other products. Designed for sophistication but built for functionality, the​ space saving furniture is an ideal choice for anybody that needs more space. LCOVE’s products reflect the best of design and skill, transforming any small space into a beautiful and comfortable place to live. They have one of the most cost-effective and largest varieties of space saving furniture to suit all your needs in Delhi and NCR.

The Space Concept is an Authorized Franchisee of LCOVE.

Most Suited for: Studio Apartments, Hostel Rooms, Working Professionals, Urban Professionals, Co-working Spaces, Co-living apartment, Shared Bedrooms, Multi-Utlity Rooms and Small Apartments and Houses.

Horizontal Beds

LCOVE offer a range of creative solutions for studio apartments, micro homes and other compact living spaces. Ideal for everyone from students to upscale urban professionals, the space-saving furniture is elegant, stylish and advanced. Easy to use and designed for active lifestyles, our products make it easy to entertain friends and family in a small space. Use them in any application where a queen size bed isn’t necessary, or where a multifunctional unit makes more sense than having dedicated furniture.

Vertical Beds

Multifunctional furniture makes it easy to change around a room for various purposes, so you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to always have the space you want when you need it. The Space Saving Furniture includes elements designed to make your house more functional, more spacious and more enjoyable. Each bed has been designed to bring something different to your home, whether it’s additional seating space or storage.

Den Bed

An idea of a Den Bed also known as Tatami Bed around the World is a Super Family Bed Concept for a bedroom as it used to have a Double Bed in between.
LCOVE has redesigned it, breaking it into pieces which can now be detached and made it into a sofa set for a Living / Drawing / Family Space. Now it can serve 2 purposes, Sofa Set for 10 Pax during the day and convert it into a Den Bed when you want to watch and enjoy a movie or a sport as a family together.

Centre/Coffee Table

It’s not uncommon for dining room tables to include additional space for extra seating when necessary. The transforming tables offer beautiful and modern pieces that can be raised or lowered, folded up or expanded as necessary. The modular solutions easily convert from a desk, shelf or coffee table to an expansive dining space the whole family can enjoy a meal around. With a coffee table that converts to a dining room table, or vice versa, you’re effectively getting two pieces of furniture.