Economical Home Automation in Delhi/NCR: The Buzz is Real

Technology and innovation have progressed for better for human-beings, given they are put to good use. The present-day technology makes those things possible which would otherwise look like a faraway dream if someone was to imagine them a couple of decades back. The progress, transition of technology keeps happening continuously, even while you are reading this. On the same lines, the idea of switching on/off lights with a tap on your mobile device was just a wish peo-ple could make but not realize that one day it could be a blossoming possibility!

Exactly, that is where HOME AUTOMATION comes to picture. These days, it is possible to control electrical appliances at your home/office through the Oakter smartphone application from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is get home automation products installed in your home according to your requirements and you are good to go! You can also control the appliances through voice command using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

You can refer to home automation as building automation as well, since you can control the devices at your home, starting from smart door locks, to a geyser, washing machine, CCTV camera and so on through a single tap on the Oakter App. This is both an innovative and a revolutionary system that gives you the complete charge of your home. Also, you can check which all devices are work-ing and not working in your home at any particular time of the day. This keeps you informed and lessens worry about any device left behind at home switched on. More features of economical home automation in Delhi/NCR include pre-scheduling/scheduling devices for your comfort and convenience. A very catching fact about home automation is that you can control electrical devices from multiple phones/tablets. So, a family can stay updated on the status of devices at home put on and off.

It is also a blessing for working parents, to make sure their kids have returned back home from school and are safe at home; since smart locks along with the other devices can be accessed through the Oakter app. Also, no need of having to carry home-keys at all times, as a touch does the work for you. But keys are available if you want to open the lock manually.

Hence, bring home smart home automation ideas and turn your home into a smart home. For eco-nomical home automation in Delhi/NCR contact the efficient team at The Space Concept. Call us: +91 9899551239 for more details about our products.