Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

The 25 Amp Smart Box can be used to automate a single switch that operates a high poThe smart thermostat is a temperature and humidity sensor that can control your heating/cooling devices using Oakter smart plugs or smart boxes. You can set preferred temperature ranges and the thermostat will automatically turn devices ON/OFF to control temperature.

  • Allows you to set comfortable range of temperature
  • Connects to smart plugs or smart box through Oakter app
  • Does not require line of sight to operate
  • Firmware designed to work with frequent power outages
  • Constantly evolves over time with firmware updates
  • Doubles up as a mobile charger


Sense Humidity

Charge Phone


Power Supply 23V AC
Sesnors Temperature & Humidity
DC out 5v 1.5Amp DC
Pin Standard BS 546 Type D (Indian standard small 3pin)
Enclosure Material ABS PC
Radio 865Mhz
Memory 32K EEPROM
Firmware Upgrade Over The Air